Arguments Against The Electoral College

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I believe that we should not have an electoral college and depend on them. There are numerous reasons why I think this. It does not allow us to have a fair way to vote and it doesnt let everyone be heard. First, voters do not vote for the president they vote for a state of electors. If you have lived in Texas you would have to vote for a slate of 34 Democratic electors. Anyone can be elected as the electors that are going to be voting for you. Voters can sometimes get confused about who to vote for and vote for the wrong candidate. Electoral college is unfair to voters. Because of the winner take all system candidates don 't spend time in states they don 't have a chance of winning, focusing only on the tight races in the “swing” states. Seventeen states did not see the candidates at all, and voters in 25 of the largest media markets didn 't get to see a single campaign ad. The electoral college is unfair,outdated, and irrational. …show more content…

Also the best argument against the electoral college is the disaster factor. The state legislatures are responsible for picking electors, and those electors could defy the will of people. In some cases “faithless” electors deciding to vote for whoever they want,not what everyone agreed on. Just like in Hawaii. What if a state sends two electors to congress to

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