Arrogance In America

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Overwhelmed with responsibility and everyday struggles, Americans still manage to overcome those obstacles in life and push their way to the front. Everyone has a little arrogance in them, so labeling Americans as arrogant isn’t the complete truth because they have many other traits that contradict the stereotype. The Chevy Camaro SS falsely represents that we value power; although some people consider Americans to be power hungry, we only want to be our own leaders and set an example for others to follow. Our goal is not to bring others down, but rather to pick ourselves up. We strive to reach the top because we want what is best for ourselves. Money has the power to make us or break us. In America we value money, and you usually live off well if you are wealthy, but it takes motivation to earn wealth. We have learned to tell the difference between what has value and what doesn’t like coins that aren’t valid for legal tender and could not be used to purchase anything anywhere in the world. Money has taught people to spend money wisely, financially and socially. To secure our future, we plan carefully …show more content…

Some may take the easy way out, but others challenge themselves and take on what the world throws at them. Even though they may not achieve the results they would like, they keep pushing themselves and don’t give up. Not everything in life comes easily, so some sacrifices have to be made for the long run. Of course there will be those whose only goal is to just pass, nothing less, nothing more, but there will also be those who go above and beyond. We, as AP students, know that for a successful career, college is the first step and colleges look for students who challenge themselves in a tough course rather than getting a 100 in a regular course. Americans have perseverance and realize that if they work hard and are dedicated, it will only help them have a better

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