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Many traditions of foods are eaten in households but my household Arroz con Leche is the food we mostly eat in the winter because it is eaten warm with bread on the side. The foods consumed by everybody has an origin it’s not usually from where our parents are from it has gone through different cultures. As for Arroz con Leche it can be found in many different Spanish speaking countries for example, Cost Rica and Peru are the common ones. It can be found in other places as well but they do it differently than Spanish speaking countries. Arroz con Leche can be eaten cold or warm in different areas of the world. Arroz con Leche came to America by the Muslim world so it’s not original from the South(United Planet).It is said to come from the …show more content…

Furthermore, my mom continued that tradition with her children and now that I am older leaving on my own I do it myself for the cold weather. My mom usually makes the meal on Saturday morning when everybody is home and wakes up late then ready to eat some warm Arroz con Leche with some bread on the side. This is my favorite meal now that I cannot get enough of this meal because it’s delicious with all the ingredients it has which is not many but makes it good. The ingredient rice from Arroz con Leche origin story is that it was passed on to India but then passed on to Greece and Mediterranean areas. In addition, going to those areas it spread to Southern Europe and North Africa then brought to South America. As people say South Asia main course of food is rice so they think it originates from there but no it was bought there because rice can grow in the wetlands deltas of South Asia. (Thomas) As for cinnamon it comes from a dried bark from laurel tree but the original one comes from zeylanicum tree but now that were modern they get it from cassia tree. It was token over the English and then it cultivated too many different places in the tropical areas of the world. (Rayment) Finally milk comes from cow which are raised in many different parts of the

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