Artificial Intelligence Ethics

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The works of intelligence by advanced machinery or software is a common way to describe Artificial Intelligence which can make tasks less difficult for humans. Alan Turing, a mathematician who desires to discover whether machines could have the ability to think, established the concept of Artificial Intelligence. Numerous people perceived Turing’s stand negatively. These individuals are sceptic of its possibility the reason being, at that time, Turing does not have any solid evidence to support his claim. Instead, he turned their views against them by countering with any possible loopholes he has found using his high-level intellect (Sharkey, 2012). After years of research, Turing has paved the way to numerous opportunities in technology …show more content…

With this, the researchers are conducting a study about this issue. This is a study wherein they would like to know the awareness of people regarding how these computer machines violate the moral standards of humanity. The researchers would like to exhibit to the readers if people use Artificial Intelligence for the sole purpose of satisfaction and without considering its effect on human morals. The paper will explain every factor in detail part by part so that the researchers could develop a proper conclusion.
There are various principles and theories about the ethics of Artificial Intelligence, but the researchers have chosen only two principles to provide them a help or simply to support their research about the awareness of some I.T students in the ethical repercussions of Artificial Intelligence. These are a.) What is easy for humans is often difficult for machines. Conversely: a machine can easily perform a task that is difficult if not impossible to a human being. b.) Human beings are better at analysis than they are at synthesis. For machines it the other way …show more content…

He envisions the possibilities that the programmable computer may open for the study and replication of the human intelligence. Artificial intelligence has a good and well-oriented way of doing tasks. If not abused, further development could benefit all of man . He has an explanation about three strategies for his concept of AI, namely AI through programming, AI by ab initio machine learning which made machines think similarly a child, and AI by logic, probabilities, learning, and background knowledge. AI is still developing even up until now. The youth of this generation can still further evolve it in the future. And clearly, artificial intelligence is one of the most important building blocks in technology. Numerous of the inventions, especially the future ones, will probably need to rely on AI. It could make ideas numerous from humans’ imagination come to life through

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