Artificial Intelligence Vs Artificial Intelligence

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Technology is evolving and changing everyday. Since the technological revolution, electricity has been necessary for survival. People might feel intimidated or frightened when they could be fired because of new technology replacing them. These people are invariably mistaken. New and higher-paying jobs are being formed because of AI. Furthermore, new technology will never replace the entire job market. At this moment, technology can not replicate the thought process of humans, but the technology is approaching. A computer pioneer, Alan Turing, from the 1950s declared that, “One day there would be a machine that could duplicate human intelligence in every way and prove it by passing a specialized test” (“Artificial Intelligence (AI)”). As a matter of fact, Alan Turing right now, is incorrect, artificial intelligence can not duplicate human intelligence because the human mind is extremely complex. On the other hand, advanced technology is replacing humans in the workforce. Due to the creation of AI, 3-D printing, and automation, technological advancements are doing the jobs people once did and will only grow in the future. Technological advancements, like AI, are doing the jobs people once did and will only become more advanced in the future. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a software on a computer that can perform tasks that require human-like thinking and reasoning. AI has been around since the mid-20th century. Since then, scientists have tried to make a system that can

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