Assignment 1: Clinical Data Analysis

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This paper will illustrate how Hennepin County (HC) utilize monitor and maintain EHR records for the following business lines hospital, outpatient clinics, health, social and human service. Data sharing of EHR has allowed the organization to successfully provide care coordination for the population we serve. As healthcare evolves and service delivery continues to influence healthcare, it is essential that each business lines work together and collaborate to effectively access EHR within the Epic system. EHR systems, data bases, web portals are critical for a healthcare provider remain compliant with federal regulations. I am an HC employee, and my organization is unique, because we own and operate Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) and…show more content…
Hennepin County Medical Center owns Epic system and EHR, and clinical applications. The clinical data is stored in the clinical data repository, and the data warehouse involves extracting and cleaning data from a variety of organizational databases. HC business partners access the EPIC system from a web application on the Citrix server. The Epic data system EHR, and clinical data flows through secured fire walls throughout the HC network. Data warehouses supports and transform enormous of data from single transactional files into single decision-backing database technology (K. Wagner, F.Lee, J. Glaser, 2013). Also, data mining is an IT concepts that Epic system has for extracting and identify specific clinical data. This transaction occurs when the tool is programmed to look for patterns, trends and/or trend rules. For example, North Point Health and Wellness Clinic render the following services: dental, mental health, primary care, lab, ex-rays, mammograms, vision and pharmacy services. The clinic does not have a radiologist on staff at the clinic to review and assess x-ray or mammogram performed at the clinic. Therefore, EHR files transmitted to HCMC, on a secured network and the data communication were compatible, because the devices and the computer networks were able to communicate with one another. The radiologist, result is entered in the clinical application clinical…show more content…
The Epic system is stored in a network server for security purposes. As mentioned, North Point delivers care, HCMC owns and operates rates the EPIC system. Hennepin Health is a Medicaid health plan owned by HC; as a result, Hennepin Health employees access to the Epic system due to the following: transportation scheduling for member’s non- emergency medical transportation, post-discharge transitional care coordination and for complex care coordination, evaluation, and management. Complex care model consists of health and social needs, and we serve this population that has been a challenge, because the population experience homelessness, mental illness and/or substance
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