Attitude Towards Death In Hamlet

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Death is in everyone's lives, and it is especially in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. In the play, death is a prominent theme. The attitude towards of death in Hamlet is different throughout all aspects of Denmark and may be caused by a multitude of events . Although for Hamlet, throughout the beginning, middle and end of the play, the chaos level in Denmark directly affects his attitude towards death. Denmark is filled with chaos in the beginning of the play, and in return makes Hamlet's attitude towards death overwhelmingly negative. The murder of the late king Hamlet brings a great deal of chaos to the state of Denmark. Hamlet is very distraught and emotional over his father’s death. He is deeply depressed and is thinking of killing himself. The …show more content…

Although Hamlet still thinks negatively of death, he is much more tolerant of it. Hamlet is still “an unweeded garden”(1.2.133), and he is still having to face a lot through the middle section of the play. On the other hand, the level of chaos is lowering in Denmark, Hamlet's desire for suicide has been reduced. Hamlet is not sure if he wants to live or not, and asks himself “To be or not to be - that is the question”(3.1.64). Another reason why Hamlet is not sure on whether or not he wants to take his own life, is that he is also afraid of what is to come after death. Through all of the contemplating and countless hours of sorrow, Hamlet finds the will to live. This is significant because it shows the change in Hamlet from the beginning of the play. Shakespeare is suggesting something very specific through Hamlet in the middle part of the play. The suggestion made is that people are “in the mind to suffer”(3.1.65), and if someone can get through the tough times in life, it can only go forward and get better from there. This suggestion is very evident in the growth of Hamlet’s character throughout the course of the play. He endured the worst of chaos in Denmark, and it is only getting better for him. He is starting to uplift his attitude towards death and also start to tolerate

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