What Is The Difference Between The Auburn System And The Great Depression

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The Auburn system and the great depression. The great depression began 1929 and ended in WW2. However, the prisons increased their price to maintain their prison. With World War II, industrial production increased, unemployment decreased, and parolees became eligible (for the first time since 1833) for military service. Before WW2 ended every state had a parole system in place. The Auburn system had three classes one of them was solitary the mist difficult place inmates could have been. The second class was solitude which inmates worked in groups part of the day. The third class less guilty which means they worked together all day but separate in the night. When the great depression began the population in prison started to increase rapidly overcrowding was a problem. …show more content…

One of the most difficult inmates were placed in a solitary. Less dangerous inmates spent part of the day in solitude. Inmates worked together during the day and in the night the inmates were separated. The state provided all the food, clothing, and materials for the prisoners. Auburn became the prototype for the Americans. The system was successfully exploited inmate labor. They also had the contract system they were sold to private entrepreneurs. The auburn system had two low range effects one of them was that they increased the cost of imprisonment. The second one was that they forced prison officials to find other ways to deal with prisoner idleness by training and programs.
The expansion use of the parole was the great depression and then related demise of the auburn system. The great depression began in 1929 and ended in WW2. When the great depression hit immediately there was an increase of prison populations. However, there was a high cost to maintain prisons as a lack of available staff. Overcrowding was a problem. They made new construction prohibitive and contributed with popularity of

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