Automobile Industry In Pakistan

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Shoaib Muhammad - 30804

31st JULY’2015


The automobile industry of Pakistan saw a sharp boom in the early 2000s when the then President, General (R) Pervaiz Musharraf opened arms to globalization. With the international economy booming in general topped with relaxed barriers to trade and easy credit facilities and availability of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as a cheaper energy resource, the automobile industry saw a thriving trend. While income levels and standard of living were generally increasing during that time, easy credit facilities and leasing opportunities offered by aggressively competing financial institutions made it much easier for
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These reconditioned import lots comprised of used cars that were reconditioned to the near-to-fresh conditioned and then resold in the markets by the car manufacturers at cheaper rates. For those car manufacturers, Less Developed Countries (LDCs) was a major market and Pakistan was a primary target with industry growth rates depicting lucrative trends. With big names such as Honda and Toyota selling their parts and reconditioned vehicle in the Pakistani markets, the automobile industry saw a boom. Industrial conditions however changed drastically following the global economic crunch of 2007-2008. The declining economic conditions globally and locally combined with internal political instability, increasing energy crisis, and rapidly devaluing Pakistani currency resulted in a paradigm shift in the dynamics of the Pakistani automotive industry. This paper aims at evaluating the rise and fall of Daihatsu Cuore and the strategies for its…show more content…
Accessible in both manual and programmed stick choice, this auto will have recently the right mix of velocity, style and funk. Cuore Xtreme will be a completely stacked substantial motor vehicle that might suit racers and will be accessible in the general 4-entryway and the Smart 2-entryway choices. Surprisingly, the music framework will be went hand in hand with a production line fitted enhancer and woofer. The auto will additionally be having and air sack for extra security.
Cuore Classy will be a programmed and a completely stacked 1500 CC extravagance line that will be effortless, exquisite, and rich in the meantime. The inside of the auto will be updated to permit more excellent leg space and trunk space. With wood complete and force controlling this auto will give the driver an extreme driving knowledge and a feel of an

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