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Baby Daddy was a TV Show that about a guy became a dad after a one-night stand. The baby belongs to his ex-girlfriend which is his baby also. Ben has his friend, brother, mother, and Riley (the girl that likes Ben). The shows were about the difficult that Ben must take care of his daughter with no experience of baby. The genre of this show is sitcom. Although, being a single parent and first experience. Ben manage to take care of his daughter with little knowledge. Within the culture and society, it influences the tv show by having single parents all over the world. The tv show, influence the way society view the issues dealt within the show that having close people and family to help with the baby. Ben’s mom was a single mother with two sons: Ben and Dan. Bonnie, who is Ben’s mother divorced their dad because he’s gay. Bonnie has been a single mother ever since. Ben became a single dad the day his ex-girlfriend dropped off Emma outside of his door with an adoption paper. He was struggle taking care of Emma and it was a disaster for him. Being the only parents for your kids are stressful. Many single parents struggle with finance, loneliness, making decision, and sickness. Be finance stable is hard for single parents, working over-time along with many other …show more content…

First experience, for every parent is difficult and struggle. Learn everything, one at a time and sometimes all at the same times. Being a parent is not easy, there’s a lot of responsibilities and spending time with the baby. Lack of sleep, less time with the significant other, financial worries, and many others that is different from when you have no child. Taking care of the baby and understanding the baby needs. Baby tends to stay awake during night time and that caused the parents to have less sleep. New parents love to have feedback and compliments about their baby because that makes them proud of having

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