Bacon (The Analysis Of The Concurrences Between Darwin And Bacon)

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Darwin and Bacon (The Analysis of the Concurrences between Darwin and Bacon) The anomaly that is the Earth works in strange ways, while failing to balance on one foot all one has to do is place one finger on the wall and you are safe from crashing to the ground. This phenomenon seems to suggest that all things are connected; however there is a delicate balance to be maintained. Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection proposes that there is a balance that allows for the life on Earth to maintain the equilibrium of evolution. On the other hand, Francis Bacon composed an idea of the levels of the mind called the four idols which obstructed the path for scientific reasoning and observation. Together, Bacon and Darwin make up the dream team of the scientific world. Bacon’s four idols can be related to Darwin’s natural selection by: the idol of the tribe as the opinion of natural selection, the idol of cave relates to the impact natural selection has on man, the third idol, the marketplace, reflects the conversation about natural selection, and the idol is theater is the idea that natural selection suggests to the public. Charles Darwin is a crucial character in the history of scientific thought, his biggest role pertained to natural selection, and from then on the idea of evolution. Ed Grabianowski commented in his summary of natural selection that, “Natural Selection is the engine that drives evolution.” (Grabianowski) His comment leaves the mind to wonder what natural

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