Advantages And Disadvantages Of Artificial Selection

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Artificial Selection/ Natural Selection When the word artificial comes to my mind fake thoughts run through me, like water runs down your throat. Artificial christmas trees, flowers, foods, anything artificial you can think of, almost everyone has it and has produced it. As you read this, do you have any idea what artificial means? Said on, artificial means produced by humans, not occurring naturally. For example, artificial selection would be taking a wild animal, such as a whale, living in the huge ocean and putting him/her in a place like Seaworld, where they don’t adapt to the environment well, and are not used to the resources and rules. As you can see there has been many deaths at Seaworld because the animals, such as Orca whales, can not adapt to the small warm environment after being in the huge ocean with their family for their whole life. As said on “Live Science”“A 3-month-old orca calf …show more content…

Since now we know lots about artificial selection, let 's hear a bit about natural selection also known better as, the process whereby organisms better adapted to their environment tend to survive and …show more content…

A disadvantage of artificial selection is stated on, “Lee County Students”, saying that “However, genetic modification is highly controversial.” This is a disadvantage because artificial selection is not fully proven to work, and there are not many studies that show it works easily. Another disadvantage of artificial selection is an unexpected result. There are many different outcomes of artificial selection and can be a surprise to the organism and owner, stated on “Pros and Cons of Artificial Selection”. A final disadvantage of artificial selection is shortened life. The offspring of an organism can have a lower than average lifespan due to artificial selection, said on “Pros and Cons of Artificial

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