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  • St. Nicholas'santa Claus: The True Story Of Santa Claus

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    In Britain, children call him Father Christmas. In Germany, he is Kriss Kringle. And of course, you know him as a Santa Claus. But do you know that hundreds of years ago, Santa Claus was called by the name 'St. Nicholas'? The true story of Santa Claus begins with Saint Nicholas of Myra. Though he is one of the most popular saints in the Greek as well as the Latin Church, there is scarcely anything historically certain about him except that he was was a fourth century saint and Greek Bishop of Myra

  • Informative Speech On Santa Claus

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    or is it Santa Claus ? Santa Claus has many names and people think of him differently that’s why I chose to make this on Santa and his back round. A story says that parents of St.Nicholas died and he inherited there money and his parents were very rich. There was this poor women who could not get married because she was to poor. Then one night a bag of gold was drop down there chimney for the women to get married. After that St.Nicholas was found out and was called Santa . Santa Claus has many

  • Personal Narrative Of Believing In Santa Claus

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    that several people share is belief or disbelief at this time of year in Santa Claus. Belief and disbelief in Santa Claus, this is the main aspect of the movie, Miracle on 34th Street that we will discuss over the next few pages. Out of the four films we watched in this class, this film would be my personal favorite. Miracle on 34th Street is a story about believing. Mainly is points out the narrative of believing in Santa Claus. When we first started this class we were asked to give an example of

  • Argumentative Essay: Santa Claus V.

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    was mid-December in the North Pole during the time that Rudolph catches Emma the elf eating candy canes nonstop. Rudolph knows that her behaviour is wrong so when Santa Claus comes to feed the reindeer their peppermint flavoured gingerbread pellets that night he tells Santa what he saw. As he hears this he becomes cross with the elf. Santa has a wish to talk with Emma regarding the candy cane scenario but she’s sound asleep. He doesn 't wake her up because the night is soon to be over. Suddenly Yuletide

  • Santa Claus And Its Influence On Amanita Muscaria

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    Ever wonder why Santa Claus wears a red and white suit, owns flying reindeer and works with magical elves? Researchers believe these are examples of the influence of psychedelic mushrooms on Christmas tradition. Ethnobotanist and mystic Terence McKenna writes, “An example of how a very ancient folkway being incorporated into our culture without even realizing it is provided by discussing Amanita Muscaria.” Amanita muscaria is a red and white colored psychoactive basidiomycete fungus and mushroom

  • Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Analysis

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    Many kids around the world believe in Santa Claus. Around the holiday season Santa is seen through various advertisements, wrapping paper, movies, stories, and the most classic holiday songs that are played way too early in the year. One of the most iconic christmas song is ‘Santa Claus Is Coming to Town’ written and composed by John Frederick Coots and Haven Gillespie. It was first sung on Eddie Cantor's radio show in November 1934. Through the songs comes melodies and rhythms that will stick in

  • Santa Claus Beliefs In Miracle On 34th Street

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    In, Miracle on 34th Street, a man named Kris Krinlge who believes he is Santa Claus is hired to work as the Macy's Santa Claus. The employer and her daughter do not believe in creatures or people like Santa Claus. Their neighbor is a big believer in Santa Claus and it is up to Santa and their neighbor, Fred, to make a little Susan and Doris believe in Santa Claus. Susan does not believe in Santa Claus, but once she sees Kris Kringle brighten faces, she begins to doubt her belief. Kris is invited

  • Santa Claus Influences American Culture

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    American Culture and Santa Claus Santa Claus has been delivering toys and creating cheer since the third century. Santa has been sharing his joy and spirit with Americans for a long time. When someone mentions the name Santa, the eyes of children light up. Santa has inspired the Americans, along with many others, to give, whether it be kindness or gifts. He has created thousands of traditions among millions of Americans. He has also made children of all ages lighter and happier. Santa is capable of filling

  • Why Is Santa Claus So Important To Me Essay

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    1. One of the best books that my parents read to me was about Santa Claus. I remember clearly about the story since the story was about a Grumpy Santa Claus getting ready to give the gifts to the children. I enjoyed the book a lot because it was Christmas season and the way my father did impressions of Santa that was really bad and made me laugh a lot. I still remember the way the story goes and how funny Santa is because he is grumpy, hates the cold, and a real klutz, which made the book really

  • The Journey To Santa Claus

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    The Journey to Santa The modern Santa legend took several centuries to develop. Legends of wintertime gift-bringers are rich in history. Our modern Santa Claus is attributed to Saint Nicholas. Saint Nicholas was a man that is believed to have really lived. There are several legends about his gift-giving and generosity. He is said to have save three sisters from a life of slavery. It is also said that he saved children who were victims of a deranged man. Long after his death, the image of Saint Nicholas

  • Santa Claus Research Paper

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    gentle hills of southern Indiana, one should meet someone from the area. While the size of the towns are not extensive, the communities of those towns are a single unit, operating together for the better of where they all call home. In the hamlet of Santa Claus, Indiana, the people work to let such a unique name be known nationally. There are a multitude of contributors as to how this park has developed into foundation of family fun that it is today. Whether once or every Summer, the park would not be

  • Pay Rovaniemi Informative Speech

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    Rovaniemi a Visit and You Might Just Shake Santa Claus ' Hands (1) Once in our lives, we believed that the famous Christmas icon, Santa Claus, does exist and is lives in the upper hemisphere of the planet. Celebrating the Yuletide season would definitely mean that talks of what Santa Claus would be giving children as gifts are all afloat during dinners and early morning conversations. As you grow older, it becomes apparent that there really is no Santa Claus, but your subconscious wouldn 't take it

  • Argumentative Essay On Christmas

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    Mrs. Claus Delivers Gifts when Santa is Injured Nothing can beat the excitement and bulging expectations that come with the festive seasons. These are the periods when people seem to throw caution to the wind, let loose, and have a marvelous time. Perhaps Christmas would top the lot, if the excitement and buzz created by the kids is anything to go by. Adults would often seem to exhibit limited interest in the celebrations, but would be smiling deep inside and praying that, for once, Christmas is

  • Appenix1: Cultural Differences Between Sensation And Perception

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    greetings meant different things in some cultures it made me think of different events and situations.         One of the most popular US holidays is Christmas. During Christmas, most children are thrilled about one character in specific: Santa Claus.  Santa Claus is known for having a big round belly, wearing a red and white suit, long fluffy white beard, and the sound of sleigh bells. This Christmas character shows a positive image of someone who has a big heart but can also be confusing to other

  • Movie Compare And Contrast Compare And Contrast

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    Can you imagine sitting in a courtroom listening to two lawyers litigate on the matter of whether or not Santa Claus truly exists? Well, this senseless condition served as a plot for two very successful movies called Miracle on 34th Street 1947 and 1994. Both films share the same main plot and characters, but there are also differences between the two movies with some being subtle and others being major. Aside from the obvious differences like the year each movie was based in or that the original

  • Children Father Christmas By John Von Radowitz Analysis

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    article titled, “Don’t tell children Father Christmas is real because lying to children could damage them, warn experts.” Throughout this article, John von Radowitz elaborates on all the reasons why children should not be fooled into thinking that Santa Claus is going to deliver them their presents on the night of Christmas Eve. At a young age, children are fed these lies, and as a result can be led to believe that they cannot trust their parents ever again. Radowitz also points out a belief of Professor

  • Papa Elf

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    to speak, but Clumsy came to quick knocking over potions and other things as Handy elf fixing things behind him. Finally papa stopped him Papa asked “what’s wrong?” as almost a daily routine to stop Clumsy. Clumsy, scared to death, said he saw santa claus as papa verified what he had heard. He sent Elfette on her way to the underground escape rout. This is the place dug out years before as an escape route to where no man returned from. The force field opened as Santa’s boot stepped in. The giant

  • Miracle On 34th Street Analysis

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    stingy, old man, by the name of Ezeber Scrooge, who doesn 't believe in Christmas, and his path to becoming a believer. In Miracle on 34th Street, we can watch a young girl who was taught not to believe in Christmas spirits and traditions, like Santa Claus. This girl is shown throughout the movie why she should have faith. Even if the main topic of both movies is Christmas, one is a more of a “scary” type, while the other one a more family appropriate film. They both leave a great message to reflect

  • The Lion And The Wardrobe Comparison Essay

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    different than any other books. It was funny and adventures but at times it was very mature. The lesson that anyone can learn is don 't change something you believe in because other people say it is not true. In other words when you belive in lets say Santa Claus and other people say he is not real don 't stop believing because of what they say. I think this is a great lesson

  • History Of Santa Cookies And Milk Essay

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    tradition of leaving treats for Santa Claus has been a favorite of cultures who celebrate Christmas for centuries. Furthermore, the adored tradition has evolved from a true story inspiring the beloved Santa Claus myth, creating the tradition of leaving treats for Santa on Christmas eve, and how cultures are continuing the tradition and creating memories for generations. Understanding how the tradition came to life needs an extensive look into the origins of Santa and