Bad Boy Chapter Summaries

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In chapter 8 of Bad Boy, As Walter Dean Myers grew up in Harlem New York as he grew up Walter was age 13 when he wanted to see his own world around him and thought a real writer had seen full magic. When Myers traveled to the other parts of New York City. Myers wanted to look at the word with Shelley and Lord Byron to feel the inspiration that guided their pens. Soon when Walter traveled to the other parts of New York, but Walter world is Harlem New York. One morning at the beginning at 125th street and by the Hudson River. Mrs. Dodson, the wicked witch of the west she was a tall, brown-skinned woman. In chapter 9 of Bad Boy, Walter always loved basketball in the community and his is a fan of basketball .Walter’s sister …show more content…

Mr. Richards, the landlord so Walter and his parents have Mr. Richards to come next week. An annual Christmas bonus would get Walter and his family through the Christmas spirit of the holiday. Walter’s life been divided between school, reading, and playing ball. In the summer of 1951 they couldn’t tolerate unexpected financial burdens. In chapter 11 Of Bad Boy, at the age of 15, Walter started his junior year at Stuyvesant High School Walter started working at the garment center, but Walter did not like to work at the garment center. The Garment center has an indoor jobs and outdoor jobs. In New York City the garment center is the busiest place. The junior and senior years at the Stuyvesant High School of the morning sessions. In chapter 12 of Bad Boy, the Amsterdam news of chances of the Brooklyn Dodgers they had lost it again of their chances of the blacks in the major leagues. Another team called the Yankees of white people in the major leagues. Myers lost his faith on the Brooklyn Dodgers ability to win a world series, but Myers still loves the Dodgers. Myers saw the guy who has been attacked by the gang and Myers beat the guys up whose are in the gang and the gang run off the playground. The guy who been attacked and thanked Myers and asked him what the fight was all

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