Banshee Lullabies Analysis

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1.What is the title of the text and what is the text about?
A. The title of the text is Banshee Lullabies. The text is about a Banshee reminiscing about the life of a banshee and her eventual death song.
What is the author’s view? How do I know?
A. From the author's view is in first person format. The very first sentence gave how the story was told. As Chazley Dotson wrote in Banshee Lullabies(2011) “The night my daughter sings my death, I am sitting in the living room floor, sifting through old pictures.” Just from the opening sentence. Using the words my shows the author is the man character. What is the evidence presented by the author to support ideas?
A. The way the author tells how her life was growing up. How her daughter grew up. The line Dotson, C. wrote in Banshee Lullabies(2011) “If I had it my way, she would live the rest of her life without singing. She and everyone she loves would be happier that way.” This of course comes from the mythology about a Banshee scream or song heralding death. …show more content…

How do I know?
A. The way to explain any story or myth is hard. I can think of at least a dozen stories of banshee foretelling the death of people. That's the reason one of the names for banshee's are the wailing spirit. A good quote by Ciara O'Brien in Irish Mythology: The Banshee (2010){Traditionally, the Banshee is depicted as a female ghost or spirit, in keeping with the Irish penchant for faeries, leprechauns, and other magical creatures. But who or what is she…and what makes her so legendary..? There is no one answer.}. Is the evidence relevant? How do I know?
A. I know the idea of Banshee's isn't one created by Mrs. Dotzon. I have heard about Banshee since I was little. So why Ciara O'Brien has a good article. I have probably read or heard a hundred Banshee myth's in my

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