Mr Terupt Analysis

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The theme of Because of Mr.Terupt can be many things but I personally think that it is acceptance . Acceptance because in the book the students learned to accept the fact that Mr. Terupt is hurt. For example, In page 135 peter said,”I didn’t know that Mr.T was going to be right there.” In that line peter is accepting that he threw the snowball and accidently hit Mr.Terupt. According to the text on page 133 Jessica said ,”It was the sudden onslaught that made him throw that snowball.We didn’t know.And I started it. The things Jessica said stood out to me because Jessica is understanding the fact that it was so sudden that Mr.T got hurt and she thinks that it is her fault that Mr.Terupt got hurt just because she started the snowball fight and she is accepting that. Also another example of acceptance is on page 211 were Jeffrey says ,”It’s not your fault.” He says that to his Mom because she has been mopey ever since Jeffreys brother Michael died and it’s not her fault he passed away. Jeffrey is helping his mom accept that it’s not her fault Michael passed away. As you can see acceptance is really influential in…show more content…
“I didn’t have any time to do anything about it,because someone else came through the door just after me.” {page 87} In the sentence Luke said the words I and me which are key words when finding first person point of view. One final thing was on a page at the beginning that had What Mr.Terupt’s students have to say about him showed what they liked about him and they all had their own replies instead of having one of all the students combined and that small detail gave me a hint that it is in a first person point of view. Here’s what Alexia said,”I was like,I have a new guy for a teacher that’s so cool.” You can see that the author made the character’s mood/tone very clear to the reader. Know do you have the answer to who’s point of view the book Because of Mr.Terupt is
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