Barbara Jordan Pride And Prejudice Analysis

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A lot of times, having different beliefs or being different can be looked down upon. The quote said by Barbara Jordan that opened this collection: “We, as human beings, must be willing to accept people who are different from ourselves.” The stories we read threw out collection one support this quotation to be true and there are two stories and one video choosen to help support the quotation.Throughout the two stories and one video,there is a common theme of acceptance, where characters must fight for their individuality, exemplify freedom of speech, and to show what is right or wrong.
In the beginning of the film Bullied Jamie was talking about his early life and being with his grandmother and how he felt safe. As the film goes on he starts to feel less and less safe in his school. It became to the point where he had tried to commit suicide at thirteen from the harassment he faced at school. The choice Jamie makes here shows how he went from feeling safe and happy, to feeling terrible and like he was in constant danger. The danger builds for Jamie as he leaves junior high and goes to highschool. In Ashlands high school Jamie's torment only got worse and the school only ignored it more, leading him to run off to the big city to try and find more gay people to feel …show more content…

The traditions of the village blur people's perspective of what's wrong and right with the lottery they hold. The lottery is a drawing to see which person in the village will be stoned to death that year. Even though the act is horrible, and they don't know why they have this tradition anymore, the people still do it. There belief in traditions make it hard to see what is wrong with this. When Tessie Hutchinson is about to be killed in the story she starts to say how the tradition is wrong, how it was not right. Everyone ignored the plea of the women they knew and ignored their morals for a tradition they didn't

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