Baseball Argumentative Essay

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The scent of hot dogs, the crack of the ball off the bat, and umpires hollering “strike” are just a few memories one will have after attending a baseball game. America’s game is filled with many sensory details, which is why it is so appealing to many spectators, as well as players. The massive fences in the outfield seem daunting up close; the players seem to whip the ball effortlessly, but with extraordinary speed. Spectator’s noses will be filled with baseball smells such as sunflowers seeds, which everyone seems to be chewing, or the perfume of fresh cut outfield grass. The home fans will be cheering with optimism despite the score.
Baseball has a plethora of smells such as the fresh cut grass, grilled hot dogs, or sunflower seeds. The grass smells refreshing, reminding one of their grandma’s garden. It looks as if everyone is eating a hotdog fresh off the grill, just like many American’s do in their backyard. This goes hand in hand with baseball because it is America’s game after all. Player’s mouth’s are crowded with sunflower seeds; however it isn’t just the players that are chewing on …show more content…

The game is knotted with a score of three to three. The home team's star player is now stepping up to the plate in the bottom of the ninth. The fans are on their feet cheering on the batter; he has a chance to win the game. The opposing pitcher stares in at the batter and begins his windup. His arm flings forward like a rubberband, and the ball comes out like a slingshot. The batter starts his swing and crushes the ball. The ball takes off like a rocket and the crowd goes nuts. It clears the mammoth fence by countless feet, and the home team has won.
After all the smells, sights, tastes, sounds, and emotions that fans felt throughout the baseball game one has just attended, one major thing sticks out. That is the taste of victory and pride that fans feel because their team walked away with the

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