Battle Of Bull Run Essay

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If the Union won at The First Battle of Bull Run The purpose of this paper is to examine the historical events that occurred during the Battle of Bull Run. Although it is known that the Confederate Army defeated the Union Army in July 1861, I believe the battle would have ended differently if not for valuable intelligence that was given to the Confederates during the beginning of the battle. The information the Confederates received helped them redirect their efforts and defeat the Union Army at Henry Hill. If not for this information, the Union would have defeated the Confederate Army and would have marched on to Richmond, Virginia. The Beginning of the Battle In mid-July 1861, Union General (Gen.) McDowell pushed is army westward from Washington D.C. to confront the Confederate force. “The Union and Confederate armies clashed near …show more content…

Beauregard during the Battle of Bull Run. This message warned Gen. Beauregard of the Unions plan to go on the offensive which was delivered by a 16-year-old girl named Betty Duval a Confederate spy. “McDowell's plan counted in part on Union Major Gen. Robert Patterson’s troops preventing Gen. Joseph Johnston’s Army of the Shenandoah in Winchester from providing reinforcements to Beauregard, ensuring the Union would outnumber the Confederates at Manassas” (HistoryNet, 2017). McDowell would go on the offensive towards Beauregard in order to push the Confederates back away from the rail junction and allow the Union to push towards Richmond. Greenhow was able to obtain this plan and quickly sent to Beauregard who took this and began to plan his own scheme. Beauregard contacted Johnson and told him to slip away from Patterson’s army and to merely come and reinforce his army. While waiting, for Patterson Beauregard fell back to the railroad junction where Johnston’s troops would arrive. Once Johnston troops arrived, they defeated the Union Army and pushed them back to

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