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It is somehow hard for us to discover the beauty of nature in Hong Kong, the hustle and bustle city. Only when we put the work or stress away temporarily, can we truly feel how beautiful the place we are living is. As a pessimistic person, I often get stressed easily. Usually I would put myself in a quiet place, away from the crowds and the hardship I am facing. Tai Po Waterfront Park is the place that cheers me up.

To me, Tai Po is like the paradise of Hong Kong. There are few but enough malls for the residents, that’s why you won’t hear the noise you always hear in the large malls here. I can still remember the first time I visit the park; walking through the entrance of the park, I can smell the sweet scent of the flower shrubs. They are not really that good smelling compare to the flower perfume or air fresher but you will know that is really the smell of nature. However stressed I am, these blooming flowers can always help me to forget the stress. I usually …show more content…

The lookout tower is my favorite facility in the park. I would go to the top of the tower every time to feel the gentle sea breeze and fresh air. It is just my imagination as I never go there in summer, but I bet it would be so relaxing to enjoy the wind after sweating. What is more, it is fun to observe things happening around from the lookout tower. Sometimes I see families flying kites or riding bike, the blue sky is just the best canvas for the colorful kites to decorate with. Sometimes I can hear the busker singing songs; it is really nice to listen to the songs in a quiet park instead of the crowded city. Sometimes I just look at boundless To Lo Harbour, calm myself down and think of my life. It is so relaxing to spend some hours doing nothing but rest, if not enjoyable. I usually forget about time while staying here, being here just charges me up for the upcoming

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