Becoming Naomi Leon Short Story

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In this fictional story, Becoming Naomi Leon by Pam Munoz Ryan, there is a girl named Naomi and her brother that meet their mother after 7 years. Their mother acts kind for a few days, but then Naomi and her family find out her secret which is that she mentally ill due to alcohol. Skylar (the mom) acts narcissistic and takes advantage of Naomi’s companionship skills. On the other hand, Skyla doesn’t appreciate her son Owen because he isn’t like other children. Skyla forces Naomi to babysit her boyfriend’s daughter in Las Vegas which separates her from her family. Naomi has to figure who to live with either her grandma or Skyla. Naomi has to go through an adventure to make her decision. Naomi is a compassionate person, she looks after her brother and benefits her grandma. “I imagine what’s inside and take away what I didn’t need” (Ryan, Pg.14). This describes that Naomi imagines things and doesn’t give any attention to what others think. Naomi believes that anything is possible if she has a positive thinking. Naomi …show more content…

“Mrs. Outlaw said he wanted the children, but the mother wouldn’t allow it” (Ryan, Pg.74). This exemplifies that Santiago wanted the children, but Skyla didn’t allow him which Naomi realizes that her father loved them since the beginning. Naomi then comes up with a plan to find her father and get an approval from him to let her stay with her grandma instead of her ruthless mother. “I told the truth about your mother and that my wishes are for you and Owen to live with Maria” (Ryan, Pg.222). This demonstrates that her father had written the letter to allow Naomi and Owen to live with their grandma. This also shows that Naomi and her family has to go back to California to win the case. Naomi has find who she really is by showing her mother that she isn’t

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