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Beijing Yanjing Brewery is the well known Chinese beer company, and the company sells different types of beer and non-alcoholic beverages. Guo moved from China to Canada for a decade years. She pursued an MA in education at the University of British Columbia and come up her own company, Hi-Bridge Consulting in Vancouver, Canada. Gou contacted Yanjing and ask for representing their product in Canada. The aim of this paper is to analysis that weather Guo bringing Yanjing beer to Canada will be success as an immigrant entrepreneur. After I read the case, I found out there are some challenges for Yanjing beer immigrant entrepreneurs in Canada. Challenges appear at both of China and Canada. The first challenge for Guo is that product size and…show more content…
The main reason cause this decline is because that Canada’s aging population was becoming more health-conscious. Newsday, people more care and health issue, due to the alcohol not good for our body; some people stop choose beer to be the beverage for Canadians. The marketing of beer already been decreasing in Canada, Yanjing as a beer company, enter a market with consumption going down is very risk. The fourth difficult Yanjing will meet is that high trade barriers. According to the case mentioned that Although reductions in trade barriers both nationally and internationally had increased the trade in beer. Yanjing need to met both federal and provincial requirements. Yanjing need to conformed the Canadian standards first, there are eight list of requirement Yanjing and other regulated brewery need to follow. More rules mean more money Yanjing need to expense while they enter Canadian beer marketing. This money Yanjing need to spend prior to being sold products in…show more content…
Frist, Canada is multiculturalism. For Yanjing is more easy to open up a company in Canada than other cultural. “Canada was an attractive destination for immigrant entrepreneurs in part due to its general openness to multiculturalism” (immigrant). In Canada, people shared their background and Yanjing can sell products to people these have same ethnic background. Canada starts up Citizenship and Immigration Canada(CIC) in 2013, they give help and provide resources and advices for immigrant company to start-up in Canada. With these helps Canadian government provide for, Yanjing can more close to their aim. The second advantage Ms. Guo can use through CIC. They provided a number of free service for new immigrants such as “language assessments and classes” (Immigrant). Language is most issue for a person immigrant to another country, so and for company. CIC gives company service, and when Yanjing come to Canada they can get basic ideas from CIC. Even they have community issue, CIC will give help on

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