Benefits Of Technology In Fahrenheit 451

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Traditionally, people tend to create friendships by playing sports or other activities that involves close bonding. In the new generation of teens with technology at their grasp, 6 out of 10 are showing that they have met at least one new friend online. Technology is providing a fast and efficient way to establish friendships or even long distance relationships. It may also help teens form identities Many hospital patients are dependant on technology to keep their heart beating, using life support. Certain machines such as life support shows how effective technology can be in the palms of the a responsible person. Some may argue that technology can be harmful in the hands of the “bad egg” or a person that uses technology with bad intentions. However, it is shown that technology is beneficial to society because it improves relationships and can be used to keep a community …show more content…

Some people may argue that technology is not beneficial to society because it brainwashes people to the point where they are deemed “brainless”. For example, in Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, Mildred obsessed herself with the “family” which is a reality tv family that she watches most of the time. She uses the family as an escape to reality and unknowingly blocks off Montag when she watches it. The “family” distracts her from reality and even ruins the relationship that she had established with Montag. She used the family to take her away from her troubles and pushes Mildred to become close-minded. The idea of technology creating blinding one to the point of the disestablishment of relationships is a prime example in Mildred. She shows that one must not try to find an escape of reality through technology, but come to face her problems and start exploring her curiosities. However, some people may disagree with technology being an escape to reality and seek to the idea that technology can be used to establish

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