Examples Of Technology In Fahrenheit 451

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Technology and censorship leads to anti-intellectualism which affects today’s society by hindering people from the knowledge they should have and their innate capacity. Although technology offers plenty of things such as effortless work with its help, easy access to information, etc., people have become overly obsessed with it that the things people think, know and do are limited. For example, in Fahrenheit 451, Mildred’s life revolves around the entertainment she gets from the parlor and the seashell. She even wants to finally replace the fourth wall in their living room with a television; she also believes that the actors from the shows she watches are her family. If she’s not doing one thing, she’s most likely doing the other. Other times, …show more content…

They even came out with a new app that lets you take a picture of your homework and then gives you the answer, which requires no thinking at all. People often choose to watch the television over other activities such as reading and spending time with family and friends. Technology limits people’s choice of activities and complex and intellectual thinking. Furthermore, in Fahrenheit 451, it was obvious that the government only provided them entertainment that doesn’t require thinking and the spark of ideas. For example, when they were hunting for Montag in the book, Montag was able to escape so they killed another man and claimed that it was Montag. They suppressed the truth that Montag got away, in order to satisfy the viewers. The society in the novel highly depends on the government so they blindly believe and follow whatever they say. They are not aware that the government is manipulating them to focus on happiness and entertainment rather than providing them with opinion on how they think their society should

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