Benjamin Franklin Thesis

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Benjamin Franklin
Even before America was founded on July 4, 1776, there were many people who already embodied what was portrayed as an american. One of the first true americans was Benjamin Franklin. He was not only an early politician, diplomat, author, scientist, inventor, and founding father, but also a great leader to the american people. He was so well known and respected, he is on the one hundred dollar bill. Franklin contributed a lot of things during his lifetime. For example, he invented bifocals, the lightning rod, the Franklin Stove, swim fins, and a lot of other things. Since Benjamin was always trying his best to achieve “moral perfection” and make the world a better place, at the age of 20, he created a list of thirteen virtues …show more content…

Even as a young child, Benjamin loved reading and education overall. Sadly, since his family was poor and couldn’t afford to pay for his education, he was forced to leave the Boston Latin School at the age of ten to assist his father in candle making. Being the intelligent kid he was, Franklin was unsatisfied with his job along side his father so at the age of twelve, he began to work with his brother James at his print shop. After his brother refused to publish any of his written works, Ben took on the pseudonym of Mrs.Silence Dogood. This helped him publish some of his works in his brother’s newspaper, The New England Courant. After James discovered what Franklin had done he was so angry that Ben left in route to New York but settled in Philadelphia. Once there, Benjamin Franklin expanded his knowledge of printing and printing trade in Philadelphia with the support of John Read, who let him stay in his home. There he met his future wife Deborah Read, John Read’s daughter. A year later, he moved to London in search of better opportunities. There he published his first pamphlet, “A Dissertation upon Liberty and Necessity. Pleasure and …show more content…

For the next year he worked in many kinds of jobs such as shopkeeper, currency cutter and bookkeeper. Near the end of 1727, Ben created a social and self-improvement study group for young men called a “Junto”. Later Franklin purchased The Pennsylvania Gazette newspaper and was selected to become the official printer of Pennsylvania. In 1730, Benjamin Franklin took Deborah Read as his common-law wife since her first husband had disappeared after stealing a slave. In 1732, his first son, Francis was born but sadly he died at the age of four due to smallpox. Also in towards the end of 1732, Ben’s popularity increased rapidly after publicating Poor Richard’s Almanack. During the 1730s, he created the Union Fire Company to combat fire, a lending library for others who enjoyed reading as much as he did, became clerk of the state assembly and postmaster of Philadelphia, and was elected Grand Master of the Pennsylvania

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