Beowulf Heroism Essay

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Hero; a person of notable bravery and courage, respected for valiant deeds and gallant qualities. The idea behind heroism can be traced back to the beginnings of time, with heroes such as Achilles who embodied courage. The warrior people known as the Anglo-Saxons; Germanic tribes from Denmark as well as northern Germany , extremely valued the concept of heroes. Despite being converted to Christianity around 597 CE, the Anglo-Saxons treasured heroic ideals such as bravery, modesty, and valor; and were very interested in traditional heroes . Heroes were not their only value, these people also heavily cherished community, family, and retained high moral standards. They lived in tribal groups, where kings began to emerge from; even though they were portrayed as great warriors, the Anglo-Saxons really feared loneliness and humiliation . An unknown author illustrates the historical past of the Anglo-Saxons through the epic poem known as Beowulf, by describing the…show more content…
The author uses Beowulf to exemplify numerous themes within the poem. Beowulf is described as having “strong wrists” a “broad chest” and being perceived by others as “honest and open” . Through this description the reader is able to gain knowledge of the stereotypical hero during this time period. The beginning of the poem describes the idea of kingship coming into society by introducing the character King Hrothgar, King of the Danes. Similar yet somewhat different than Beowulf, Hrothgar is represented as “bold and fierce” with “a backbone that would bend to no man” . He is seen as a great leader, one who is brave, and one that the people admire and trust. However, this perception diminished when an evil monster attacks the palace, “crunching and munching of bones and flesh” filled the hallways, and King Hrothgar cowardly refuses to fight Grendel himself. Stuck in what seems to be an ever continuing rut, Hrothgar seeks help for his

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