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My passion in life is working with people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. Since I was in kindergarten I have known I have wanted to become a Special Education teacher.
Best Buddies
President (2013-2015) PR/Media Officer (2015-2016) Active Member (2012-2016)
Best Buddies is an international organization creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). In high school I served as president for two years and as an active member for one year. This year I am the PR/Media officer for Best Buddies UTC. My job is to keep our chapter informed on meetings and events through social media. I also help organize
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My job would very year to year but I mostly helped with setting up events and making sure the participants got to the right event. Sometimes I would even get to participate in the event like the wheel chair relay race. I love working with this organization because I love watching the participates get excited about doing their events.
Babysitting/Nanning — 2010-2016
The last six years I have gotten the opportunity to work for a family as their nanny. The child I took care of was born with Down-Syndrome and it was my job to help him with his homework and other daily obstacles he might have. Another family I worked with had daughter (she was 4 years old) who also has Down-Syndrome. I got help potty train her and help her with her ABC’s. Working with those families is something I really love todo.
Kappa Delta — 2015-2016
This past year I joined the sorority Kappa Delta. I never thought I would enjoy being in an organization as much as I do now. Kappa Delta has allowed me to get more involved with my school and my community. I enjoy working with the Girl Scouts and the Child Advocacy Center of Hamilton County. Getting involved on campus was something that I wanted to accomplish this year and with Kappa Delta I have been able

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