Betrayal In Julius Caesar

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How would you feel if your closest friend did something to hurt you? Would you consider it betrayal or loyalty? It's easy to say that if someone breaks your trust, they become a betrayer. You wouldn’t view them as a friend because they didn’t support you; they simply went against you. Some say the intentions that led Brutus to kill Caesar were right-minded. He thought truly that letting Caesar continue as he was, went against the very principles on which Rome was founded. Whether the reason Brutus killed his dear friend, not to mention a great ruler. Caesar was committed to Rome and did everything he could to ensure it would succeed. Brutus was a betrayer, cloaked in the disguise of a patriot, since he decided to take matters into his own hands and kill Caesar in cold blood when he was trusted. Brutus betrayed all those who had trusted in him, friends and foes alike, and used his social position and closeness to Caesar to end what he thought was tyranny. …show more content…

On the other hand, Brutus worked only based on assumptions and what other people told him to do. In Brutus’s heart, he had strong feelings for Rome. These feelings outweighed any friendship or human emotion any average person would have. Having this apparent state of mind, he analyzed the situation and decided on a course of action. While yes, forceful, it was the right decision for his country. However, Caesar considered Brutus a good friend and put his trust in him. Therefore, Caesar was betrayed, as well as the people of Rome. Brutus turned against Caesar, helping to organize and lead the conspiracy that led to Caesar’s

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