Who Is Brutus At Fault For Killing Caesar

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Brutus believed that his friend Caesar had a negative impact on Rome and decided he needed to take over and kill Caesar. Brutus was determined to do this to help Rome, to save it from what Caesar was gonna do. Adding to it he knew if Caesar got the crown he would never be able to protect Rome. Despite Brutus being a well intentioned patriot, Brutus is ultimately responsible for the death of Caesar. Even though Caesar was his friend, Brutus always showed loyalty towards Rome. Brusus’ tragic flaw is that he is not good at figuring out others intentions, and trusted Cassius Brutus is fundamentally at fault for killing Caesar because he was the leader of the conspirators. He’s only at fault because he was the headman of the group, he's the one that made all the decisions and plans on how to kill Caesar which made the other conspirators want to kill him as well. Caesar didn’t protect their autonomy like Brutus wanted, Brutus knew he had to do something about it so his intention was to kill Caesar. However, after the killing Brutus says “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears: I come to bury Caesar, not to celebrate him. All this evidence is showing that Brutus is the one at liability for killing Caesar which is why he fled from Rome. …show more content…

Killing Caesar wasn’t because he wanted to rule Rome, it was because he wanted to save Rome. Caesar was putting Rome in a very bad circumstance, Brutus was trying to get them out of it and ended up having to split from Rome and ended up in Philippi, which ended up with war. In addition, Cassius and Brutus both wanted opposite things, Cassius wanted money and Brutus wanted to save Rome because he cherished it. Everything was for Rome and Caesar didn’t like that and came back as a ghost to haunt Brutus in a way. Brutus needs to take accountability for what he

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