Beyond Beats And Rhymes: Gender Analysis

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This week, we talked about the social construction of gender and sexuality. Much like all of our beliefs in society, they are defined by society as a whole. Gender is a very peculiar subject because it goes much deeper than what people believe. It includes norms about the sexes, and ideas about what a typical man and woman should look like. “Sexism refers to a system of beliefs that asserts the inferiority of one sex and justifies discrimination based on gender— that is, on feminine or masculine roles and behaviors” (Newman 184). Sexism is shown in many different ways that we don't even think about, including in the media. One example of this is in Beyond Beats and Rhymes.
In this film, masculinity was the main focus as well as men’s relationships towards women. What stood out to me was the idea that hip hop is such a large influence on gender and gender stereotypes. In the film, it was mentioned that many hip hop music videos as well a lyrics into songs are meant to show male power. This is shown through things like rapping about guns, money, and using women as objects. This makes men …show more content…

In addition to this, it is very negative because it is a system that objectifies and uses women as a commodity. “For women, who must often fight to be taken seriously in their social, private, and professional lives, whistles and lewd comments serve as a reminder that their social value continues to be based primarily on their looks.” This is very sad to me because it is true and it is always shown; it is shown in the film when men are trying to “film music videos” during spring break, but are using that as an excuse to sexually harass women passing by. On another note, men are also victims to this subordination because in a way, they are put into a box.

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