Biblical Scripture In The Bible

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Biblical scripture has had significant influences on the world at large. Examples of this can be seen throughout our history. For example, the Torah gave the Jews their laws and commands which lead to specific traditions. Some of these traditions have even been passed down to us Jewish or not and have stayed. Scripture has also been thwarted to fit an agenda with allowed for bad things to happen to people. It is essential for followers of Christ to know their Holy Book to avoid falling prey to false teaching. To fully understand scripture one must realize who gives scripture its authority, how accurate it is, its existence with science as well as how it is interpreted. Many of these topics can be seen as contradictory, and maybe there is no clear-cut answer to some of them, but these are topics that stretch ones ' faith and can facilitate growth. Inspiration The Bible, as we know, has gone through significant changes to get to its current stage. The majority of the bible was orally recited because only a few were learned while the majority of the old world was illiterate. These stories were continuously passed down for generations until they began to solidify them. After much if it was written down translations went from Greek called the Septuagint to Latin Vulgate then Wycliffe Bible which was the first English Bible, to The King James version, then the New American Standard Bible to the New International Version. The Bible was also canonized which meant that only

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