Big Data In Human Resource Management

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Big data is everywhere. Big data revolution is creating paths to collect and analyze information of varying sizes, types and volume. It’s not only used in sectors like marketing, sales and product development. The potential use of big data is also spread to HR and Finance which help in finding new insights and strategic decision making. With big data, HR has exceptional opportunities to become more data driven analytical and strategic in the way it obtains talent. Utilizing the power of big data, any organization can hire and recruit the right candidate for every position much faster and cost effectively. Most of the companies have shifted their legacy systems to the cloud, more and more people-related data becomes available. This, …show more content…

Hence recruiting the right skill, retaining them, identifying the best and addressing the under performers play a vital role in the success of any organization. In spite of spending lot of time and money, many organizations fail to understand the human resource issues due to lack of detailed data and challenges which may affect the work force planning, development and productivity. Big data analytics can address these HR issues due to which many organizations are taking a leap towards adopting various big data tools for different HR operations. Big data analytics not only promises potential benefits to identify and hire skilled professionals but also helps to take decisions to manage workforce. However the use of big data analytics in HR also has some risks and challenges which the organizations need to address which include increased exposure, breaches in privacy issues, damage to good will of the organization …show more content…

Even though organizations hold huge amount of data, they cannot use them effectively as they are unstructured. However new technologies are now available which enable analysis of large, complex, unstructured data. The accessibility of technology has become easy; as a result, there is massive increase in data amounts available with the entrepreneurs. The data usage depends on the ability the way it is stored, managed and then analyzing it adequately. Big data is an upcoming and emerging trend in the field of Information technology. Big Data refers to the massive amounts of structured and unstructured data that is collected over time from various internal as well as external sources. Enterprises are facing challenges in integrating these new and different types of data and also turning this data into meaningful information. The data is growing at a tremendous rate due to increase in connectedness of machines and people. Analyzing this data to extract sensible and meaningful insights is a big challenging task; integrating and optimizing this data, storing, organizing and analyzing is a challenge. The Big Data must be captured, stored, organized and analyzed to influence the decision making in any enterprise or business

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