Methods Of Job Analysis Essay

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Introduction Job analyses and job descriptions are used by the Human resource consultants and experts as an elementary unit for many functions of human resource department that includes recruiting and employing, evaluating performance and ranges of salary (Levine et al 1988). As according to Brannick et al (2007), job analyses is an important factor in business that ensures the correct hiring of desired individuals for various jobs. Job analyses protect ensures protection of companies against claims (Veres et al1987), and it help businesses to adequately reward their staffs (Smith et al 1990). According to Fleishman & Mumford (1991), accuracy of Job analyses affect many of the HR functions, So, it is essential to make sure that job analyses is performed properly and in detail. A job analysis implies collecting information on the approaches to evaluate performance, worker-oriented behaviors, job-oriented conducts, and workers behaviors during working with materials, machines, and equipment, job environment and worker’s requirements (Harvey, 1991). Types of Job Analysis A job analyses may involve three methods: worker-oriented, …show more content…

The emphasis of this method of job analysis is on the attributes, abilities and knowledge and individuals’ characteristics that are required by the employee to perform the desired duties. According to McCormick et al. (1967) the worker oriented method is more comprehensive of work-related areas as compared to the work oriented methodologies. The worker-oriented approaches are frequently involved in selection purposes, in finding out explicit KSA’s required for the task (Brannick et al., 2007). The requirements of an individual to comprehend the responsibilities and duties of the job are defined by the Worker-oriented analyses describe (Dierdorff and Wilson,

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