Bill Mckibben's View Of American Environmentalism

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e Foreword, by Al Gore, he talks about how he got inspired when his mother read to him and his sister at the dinner table which was the book called Silent Springs. The book made a big impression on him. He was also inspired by Carson, who made him think extensively about how humans have a big effect on the environment that they are surrounded by. While working with McKibben, it was made clearly to him that the world was changing and he needed to do something about it, later, this led to his nickname, “Ozone Man.” In conclusion, American environmentalism will help our generation to comprehend our meaning in this world.
In the Introduction, by Bill McKibben, the first impression that people were inspired by was John Muir, who was the first to find such great and inspirational imaging words of the beauty of sierra but also he helped people to better understand that sierra had to be protected. Environmental writing can be said to be called “nature writing”, in which people seem to get confused between these two concepts. Environmental writing is seemed to be dealing with the role of the people and their life’s along with …show more content…

Many things people do today or use today is little by little destroying our air, our water and our land, plus everything around us. Americans don’t understand that we have changed the climate because of the CO2 in the air, but a lot of people don’t seem to put in perspective or consider the damage that we are actually causing to this world. Lots of Americans are using more energy than ever before and don’t take the time to save by turning off the power of television or light or any. other objects that use electricity. Our environmental issues have caused many different harmful side effects to our health. The air that we breathe is contaminated by the harmful air in the earth’s

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