Speech On Influence In Life

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Good morning/afternoon all. An influence is something that has had an effect on character or behaviour of someone. There have been many influences that have affected my life, though there are four main influences that have primarily affected my life in different ways. My main influences are my family, the environment, science, and technology. These have affected my past, present, and future. In this speech, I will address how my main influences have affected my life. My main influence is my family. My mother, father, and younger sister. My family has been my greatest influence from the beginning. They have always encouraged me to do my best and strive for the best, they have always supported my positive decisions, and they have always helped me when I’ve been in trouble. My family has been there for me and each other through thick and thin, and I really love them. Their advice, support, and encouragement have incited me to endeavour for the highest possible achievements. My family is my major influence as they have affected my life from the very start of my life in everything I do. The ever-changing environment that surrounds us is another influence of mine. The environment is currently suffering from pollution and we humans are creating a mass of it. Emissions from manufacturing plants, the burning of fossil fuels, and household and farm chemicals are all ways humans are polluting the environment. And this issue has brought upon great concern for me as well as many others.

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