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Are you a believer that most of the things in life are caused by ongoing environmental issues? To counteract or prevent the effects of despair one needs to do something that is to be in action so that we are not in sorrow tomorrow. Don’t allow despair. Instead, do something about it. In “Despair Not” by Sandra Steingraber she mentions what is happening on our planet and what is happening to our bodies also. She believes that the environmental crisis that we are all in is actually two crises. They all share a common cause. Sandra Steingraber is an ecologist who expanded her work and writes for general audiences about the relationship between environmental and human health. Steingraber is a cancer survivor which leads her to being so involved …show more content…

Lovejoy was shot to death at the age of 35 years old, on a late November night. His body was then thrown in the Mississippi River. The intent of the mob was to silence Reverend Elijah Lovejoy once and for all. Lovejoy spoke out on anti-slavery. By doing so, he knew this not only could get himself killed but his family. Elijah had a pregnant wife and a one year old son that he knew he needed to protect. He knew by staying silent would still not protect his loved ones in the future. Knowing the mob was aggressively seeking to kill him, he continued to speak out to others. Lovejoy wrote in one of his speeches that he slept sweetly and undisturbed each night until the brick bats were heard outside his home. Even though the mob was able to silence Elijah Lovejoy forever, the Lovejoy family continued working and speaking out against slavery. They continued to carry on their brother’s long life mission. His brother even opened his home up along the Underground Railroad. Not only did Lovejoy’s family continue working but Anti-slavery societies across the nation grew, vowing to carry on the work of a fallen …show more content…

The branches help her get more of an impact on the readers. With her being a cancer survivor, she thinks about all of these things that are happening in this world, and all of the ways that she can attempt to avoid them. Most of the things are unavoidable because mostly all of them are just part of your daily life. She makes a really understandable argument with her being afraid of all the bad things that can happen to our bodies. Her argument is also really good because she doesn’t just talk about her life. She uses statistics which helps the reader out a lot. Sandra Steingraber definitely grabbed my attention with her writing, she keeps me thinking about all of the things that I should try to avoid so that I can try my best to stay away from those things to avoid

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