Colors Of The Wind Poem Analysis

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The song that I chose to analyze is called “Colors of the Wind”, a Disney classic sang by Judy Kuhn. The song is called Colors of the Wind because it represents the various shape and forms of earth’s natural creature or non-living things. It is also called Colors of the Wind because it symbolizes something very important and also it is often repeated in the song, to give an essence of that statement. The singer wants the listener to learn and see how we should be behaving towards nature and Earth.

Colors of the Wind is about a person who is considered an ignorant savage when actually the savage one isn’t her, but is the guy she is talking to. She is actually the opposite of savage because she has a theory that all the things in nature like rock or a tree has a spirit that means something. She considers all the living things in nature as her friend and are all very worthy. The guy she is talking to is cruel towards the nature and is inconsiderate because he doesn’t know that the things in nature has a spirit, a life and is worthy. She is trying to teach him on how he should see nature and how he should be behaving towards it. What she is trying to point out is that nature and human are connected in a way that we need each other to be able to live. We need to change our perspective about nature and be more caring towards the Earth. Because if we keep on being cruel and not see a life in natural creatures they will someday be gone and we will be regretting that day. We can

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