Milton Hershey's Accomplishments

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Throughout history, there have been many influential people. For example, individuals influence the world by protesting what is right, discovering something new, or using their resources to help others with their generosity. Specifically, Milton Hershey is someone who has influenced a lot of people. Milton Hershey is influential because of him helping people who were in need, his accomplishments he made in the candy business, admirable traits that make him who he was and was know for. Milton Hershey is influential because of remarkable things he did for others. For example, Newsela writers say, “Hershey's charity work kept going even in hard times. During the Great Depression when many people were out of work, Hershey created employment. …show more content…

For instance, editors say, “In 1883, he returned to Lancaster and, still convinced he could build a successful candy company, started the Lancaster Caramel Company. Within a few short years, Hershey had a thriving business and was shipping his caramels all over the country. Success soon follow.” Since Milton was so convinced that he could make a successful candy company it lead him to accomplish a successful business the LCC (Lancaster Caramel Company). Another example from says. “Hershey’s wouldn't melt in a pack and can keep a person going for a day. Hershey’s chocolate bar was an amazing invention in 1900. The Hershey company is still upgrading the Hershey bar. People are still eating this amazing chocolate bar.” Since this bar has been upgraded over the years it became more famous and loved while becoming one of Milton's biggest accomplishments. Also writes say, “The Hershey Chocolate Company quickly became a success. His winning ideas included Hershey's Kisses in 1907, which Milton Hershey named himself. The famous silver foil wrapper was added in 1924.” This quote shows since his winning idea became famous it became one of his accomplishments. The silver wrapper was made for one of Milton's winning ideas but became popular and is still here because of his choice. These quotes explain why Milton was influential because of his

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