The Background And Origin Of Osama Bin Laden's Beliefs

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Who is the first person that comes to mind when hearing a word relative to terrorism? Have you ever thought about the reasons as to why terrorist attacks occur, and the beliefs behind them? As individuals we perceive things being right or wrong, the severity of an action, and the importance of something but these are all interpreted differently based on a variety of factors including a major one being culture. Osama bin Laden’s values are based upon Islamic fundamentalism and his beliefs are the reasons why he was famously known as the world’s most wanted terrorist. Born to “Muslim parents on the Arabian Peninsula in the Malaaz District of Riyadh” in 1957, Osama bin Laden was raised in a wealthy Saudi family, 1 of 52 children (Aboul-Enein 1). The year of 1979 was a turning point in bin Laden’s life when the Soviet Union invaded the Muslim world and prompted young men to go and fight in Afghanistan (Young 26). Since then he committed himself to the cause of all-Islamic solidarity and eventually orchestrated devastating bombings and attacks through the most widely known terrorist network he established, Al Qaeda. It is essential to understand the background and origin of bin Laden, and how his beliefs influenced his decisions to commit the acts he did against several societies that conflicted with his culture.
People that have the most influence on individuals are those who share a similar background, same oppression or adversity, and same life including values and beliefs.

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