My Most Influences In My Life

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It doesn’t matter what you do in life, somewhere along the way you will meet people that help mold and shape you regardless of the amount of time they spend in your life. However, those that are around you more often tend to have more influence than others! Some of the biggest influences in my life other than my parents were some of the most random. Hands down, the three most influential people in my life so far have been my Mom, Dad, and high school football coach Matt Beam. Early on in life my mom pulled the most weight in influencing me if I had to say so. When I was a very young child I was basically the definition of a “momma’s boy”, and my mom loved it! When I started to age and branch out in the social part of childhood I played a couple of sports and more times than I’d like to recall I wanted to quit; but she wouldn’t let me. “Quit these teams and you’ll be a …show more content…

I can physically name the three biggest things in life he has taught me; hard work does pay off, there is never a reason to be down in the dumps for too long, and that when you’re happy you should never lose yourself in the pursuit for more happiness (that’s how you self-destruct). He more or less passed on the family business to me and my brother a couple of years, we all work around in the auction business. He won the world championship of “ringmanning” in 2008, 23 years after he started working in the business. He stayed humble, kept at what he was doing and developed a passion for it. He then turned that passion in to this world championship, when he created a name for himself he did it with me and my brother in mind. He has put a foot in the door of the auction business and introduced it to us in hopes we could prosper even more so than he has in his field. I’ve never seen my dad do any wrong to anybody he usually tries to stay pretty mellow and keep everyone

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