Biological Basis Of Memory Essay

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The biological approach to the basis of memory is explained in terms of underlying biological factors such as the activity of the nervous system, genetic factors, biochemical and neurochemicals. In general terms memory is our ability to encode, store, retain and recall information and past experiences afterwards in the human brain. In biological terms, memory is the recreation of past experiences by simultaneous activation or firing of neurons. Some of the major biopsychological research questions on memory are what are the biological substrates of memory, where are memories stored in the brain, how are memories assessed during recall and what is the mechanism of forgetting. The two main reasons that gave rise to the interest in biological basis of memory are that researchers became aware of the fact that many memory deficits arise from injuries to the brain. And the other reason was that they realized that psychological processes must have a physiological basis.
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Another strength is the case provided help for further research like Corsi (1970) and the case R.B (1986) by Zola Morgan et al. And also this case gives us a detailed picture as it was studied for over 50 years. This is one very rare and strange case. However there are certain limitations, they are this case cannot be generalized as the findings are just based on Henry. Another limitation is only little information is known about Henry therefore comparison about before and after surgery cannot be made. And also not all variables were controlled. Finally the information is provided by the observer which could be biased o

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