Black History Month Importance

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Throughout the entire month of February, Midwestern State University has been celebrating Black History Month, an important time for students of color to celebrate what it means to be black, while also educating other students about the cultural significance of the African-American community. Many organizations, such as the African Student Union, the Black Student Union, and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, are hosting events and celebrating the diaspora of African culture. Some events that are happening on campus to help celebrate Black History Month include a theatre performance called "Facing Our Truth: Theater Performances", a premiere to Marvel Studios ' "Black Panther", and a lecture entitled "Critical Conversations Series: Is Free Speech Free?". The Office of Equity, Inclusion & Multicultural Affairs is also available on campus to help students identify and …show more content…

She said that it was "really fun," and that she looked forward to it every spring semester. katie Osinde said "It was one of the best parts of my college experience because it gave me plenty of opportunities to meet new people and make friends that I still regularly keep in contact with. I really can 't stress how important that time was for me as not only as a student, but also as a person." In regards to the importance of Black History Month, Junior Osinde said "It 's a really cool thing that we as a nation are able to celebrate together. Everyone can learn something from it and everyone can grow closer from it too. We all try to give back to the community and I think that this month is a great way for those who aren 't aware of it to learn a little bit and grow as people." Junior Osinde also mentioned that it 's great that colleges such as MSU celebrate Black History Month and help spread awareness of not just issues, but the accomplishments of the African-American

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