Black Student Interview Essay

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Chester County, Pennsylvania’s public education system afforded me the opportunity for an enriched academic experience, as well as an opportunity to connect socially with people of all different races. Coming from a family who pushed academics, I always found myself to be one, of three black students in my honors and AP classes. I believed I could not relate with the majority of black students socially and academically, which is why I separated myself from them. In the rise of my freshman year I joined the Black Student Union (BSU) hoping to learn more about black culture and acquire new relationships with my black peers. Fortunately, the mission of the BSU was to create awareness about black culture, in hopes to diminish prejudice not only in the school but also in the community. The mission of the BSU reminded me Of Dr. Cornel West, who has broken many Barriers from attending and graduating from both Harvard and Princeton University, to being a renowned philosopher today. He is not only admired because of his great leadership skills but also his ability to connect with people of all races.
Dr. Cornel West was born on June 2, 1953 in Tulsa, …show more content…

Bennis states, “being active and imaginative rather than passive and habitual” (Bennis, 1989, p. 71). Anticipation in my eyes is being on top of things, constant working towards improvements, rather than waiting around. In the case Dr. West does a great job with being step ahead and not just letting life pass him by. In an interview discussing his recent departure from Harvard to Princeton west states, “I think people should just be themselves - and by that I mean take seriously the Shakespearean imperative ‘To thine own self be true’ (Hamilton 2002). Believing in oneself keeps people on their toes constantly motivating themselves and staying on top of things. Whereas the less motivated will not anticipate thing and become very

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