Blackberry Jam Music-Personal Narrative

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Yes! for my eighteenth birthday, my parents bought me six tickets to the Blackberry Jam music regional festival. A couple of buddies and their girlfriends came with my brother Jazz, his girlfriend and yours truly.

The summer sun was as hot as a volcano erupting. Nevertheless, the summer wind as it breezes dancing in the wind brings some relief and tingles the skin.
YES! And we are finally here which seemed to take us forever to arrive at the Blackberry Jam regional festival.

“ WOW!! Look at all the people” I said.
The news media announced there were two hundred thousand tickets sold.
Notwithstanding the whispers we all felt like sardines standing at the gates to move in. All things considered, individually we made …show more content…

I’m from Tennessee.”
Consequently, when I could speak, I announced my name was Gary, likewise
“ I too am from Tennessee.”
“Inasmuch it’s a small world”, as she spoke, she smiled.

Thereupon she spoke of her love of music. In contrast asked what genre of music had brought me here. |
In addition, I too appreciated all types of music.
Music has always been an enormous part of me with a smile on my face when I’m alone in my truck I sing along with whatever is on the radio station.

Particularly, she said “What is your number one song of all time?” With this in mind nevertheless, there is one song that always tugs at my heart furthermore captures my deepest thought of my mother and even now when that song begins my emotions flood like that of a fierce hurricane. The song is “Simple man” by Lynard Skynard so yes that would be my song choice and how about you “What is your song?”

Correspondingly she told me her favorite song would be the “Rose” by Bette Midler”
She told me her story and why it was special to

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