My Favorite Song

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Everybody has different musical taste and reasons of why they like it and even though, all songs are very different from each other, what they all have in common is that they make people feel something. The reason for this is the significance we give to the lyrics or the memories they hold for us. Occasionally, songs tend to have a much deeper meaning than it might seem and this song is not the exception. The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra is my favorite song because of its theme, the lyrics, and what it means to me.
Even though it was difficult to choose only one song because of how broad my musical taste is none of those songs made me feel as unique and beautiful as this song does. My options varied from Eminem’s crazy rap to Beyoncé’s sassy rhythm but at the end I decided on a song that has prevailed beautiful for many, many the years and still might be something new for my peers. I wanted to show the class something they probably haven’t heard of and hopefully make some of them curious about the genre or the artist. I chose this song because I wanted to give them the opportunity to try new rhythms, lyrics, genres, and just things in general and showed them how special and incredible this song can be if understood correctly.
In addition, what this song means to me also influenced my decision. Not only do I love the song’s classy and jazzy rhythm, and Frank Sinatra’s beautiful and bold voice, but also the lyrics are the reason for much of my affection to the

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