Lup Fiasco The Show Goes On Analysis

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Wherever we may come from, we can do amazing things in this world. In this world, every human being can be anything they strive to be. Lupe Fiasco released the inspirational song, “The Show Goes On,” on October 26, 2010, as the first single from his third studio album Lasers. He uses motivational and inspirational phrases to motivate the audience to never give up even if they are going through the hardest parts of their lives. Fiasco uses his past to connect to the targeted audience, that being the less fortunate families and those who grew up in harsh conditions. His purpose in writing and performing this song is very simple, to motivate. Despite the record label not wanting to release the song for it being too lyrical and having too deep …show more content…

You should lift them up and provide to them someone who will be there for support. If the whole world could understand this basic concept of how to treat one another, imagine how much better this world would be. Finally, my reason in choosing this song is that it provides reality within a song that applies to not only the U.S. but the whole world. It also provides support to those who aren’t as fortunate as others and those who are going through hard times in their lives. Lupe Fiasco uses motivational and inspirational phrases throughout his song that motivate me to keep fighting through struggle and pain because in the end it’s worth it. In conclusion, as cliche as the message of this song may be, it’s a tremendously important message. The spread of peace and social equality are issues in today’s society that we see everyday. African-Americans are getting killed in the streets by police officers for misdemeanor crimes. It’s sad because it’s been fifty to sixty years since the civil rights movements and we have yet to see change in people. When does the hate

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