Blade Runner: A Literary Analysis

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In a society where controversy is prevalent and the future unknown, the genre of science fiction (SF) offers audiences an incredible chance to explore boundaries and ideas beyond this world. Science Fiction is, as author Christopher McKitterick stated, a magnificent genre of the human species encountering change. Regardless of whether that change encompasses scientific discoveries, technological innovations, natural events or societal shifts, SF greatly concerns itself with ideas and philosophy (McKitterick 2015). It explores the “what ifs?” and where we, as the human species, are headed. From frightening space aliens to powerful futuristic androids, it is clear that there are several elements that have, and are continuing to, shape science …show more content…

Some conventions include certain philosophical ideas, the use of special visual effects and Lucy’s transcendence (e.g. telekinesis and clairvoyance). An example is the final scene where Lucy, seated in a chair in a science lab, suddenly teleports through time and space after she unlocks 90% of her brain’s mental capacity. Each beautiful location Lucy travels to is vibrant in colour and contrasts greatly with her black dress that symbolises the dark matter and super computer she is becoming, and the emotionless being she has become. By using green screening, special visual effects, moderately paced editing, Lucy’s time travel montage appears both immensely realistic, artistic and dramatic. The orchestral music, a convention of SF, further heightens this beautiful tense build up. Several of the shots throughout the time travel montage are either wide shots or close ups of Lucy’s face. This allows audiences to effectively see the world from Lucy’s point of view, and as such it becomes clear that lack of character development and plot throughout (much like Blade Runner) is a means to focus more so on philosophical ideas. Lucy’s message of what it means to exist and be human supersedes the film’s central false theme that humans use 10% of their brain. These codes and conventions are what makes Lucy the unique SF film it

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