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Blaise Pascal by Líadain Kennedy I have chosen to do my math's project on the mathematician Blaise Pascal. I chose to do my project on Blaise Pascal because I asked Ms. Costello about which Mathematician would there be a lot of information available and when she mentioned Blaise Pascal I recognised the name Pascal so I was interested to do some more research about him and his work as this would teach me how his work has contributed to the Math's that I studied at school and would give me additional background information on why we learn math's using basic rules and formulae. I learned during this project that I recognised the word Pascal from when I was studying physics in science for the junior cert because the unit of measurement for…show more content…
Pascals theorem demonstrates that if a hexagon is drawn in a circle then the three intersection points sit on a line called Pascals line. Blaise Pascal brought this essay to the Marsennes Academy in Paris . The essay was so advanced that initially critics believed that his father had written it and not Blaise Pascal himself. When Blaise Pascal was 19 in 1642 he invented a calculator with movable dials to help his father with his work on his taxes. It took him over three years to make this mechanical calculator and he made over fifty prototypes whilst trying to perfect his machine.This invention was called Pascals calculator or a Pascaline. He was one of the first people in the world to invent a mechanical calculator . In his lifetime he made approximately 20 mechanical calculators. The Pascaline was the earliest form of the modern computer. The hydraulic press and the syringe were also invented by Blaise Pascal and he also experimented with measuring pressure using a Barometer. Pascal was interested in studying the concept of the vacuum which resulted in him inventing equipment using a vacuum. In one of his experiments he carried a barometer to the top of a 50 metre high church in
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