Blaming Walmart For The Downing Of Rubbermaid

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4 Bias Examples Against Wal-Mart

Blaming Wal-Mart for the downing of Rubbermaid.

According to the documentary, Rubbermaid was forced out of business and sold to Newell due to Wal-Mart not accepting their price hike caused by the raw materials. By researching a bit more about what exactly went wrong with Rubbermaid, it entails that Rubbermaid had polished a prettier picture than what was really there. According to two different articles, How Rubbermaid Managed to Fail From Most Admired To Just Acquired and Case Example: Newell and Rubbermaid Corporation, Rubbermaid was not covering the basics of manufacturing and marketing. It was failing to meet shipment deadlines and fill rates and their products were costing too much, they weren’t able to meet earnings forecasted and had to settle with being bought out. Wal-Mart did play a role but it did not kill Rubbermaid, Rubbermaid destructed itself.

The narrator questioned Rubbermaid during its auction asking where were …show more content…

The documentary states the 80% of Wal-Mart’s suppliers are from China, it also informs us that an estimated 15 billion dollars come from direct imports from China. The documentary focused more on the people who are at the Rubbermaid plant from China because they see the shift Wal-Mart has made from American suppliers to Chinese suppliers, because it was a cost saving move.

Opening Price Point, Unethical? Not the only one’s who does that.

The ex-manager who was commenting was defacing Wal-Mart, by saying the products weren’t the cheapest and that Wal-mart knew that they were showing the cheapest to lier you in the department, for the customer to buy the expensive option. That is what all companies do, that is why Target has it’s clearance items at the end of the aisles. Putting your cheapest items at the end of the aisles isn’t unethical, it’s all about the marketing and placement.

“They still worry about that

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