Food Waste In Canada Essay

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$ 31 billion worth of food is trashed every year in Canada. We on average throw out 1 in 5 bags of groceries. Many commercial companies and our government are ignoring this problem while the rest of the world has started to take action.

Behind a Walmart store there is roughly 12 bins of consumable food thrown out. Not into the compost but into the garbage. A former Walmart manager stated that he had quit his job because of the amount of food waste. He said that if any type of produce had a bump or in other words if it was not in perfect condition it had to be thrown out. After Walmart’s garbage bins were revealed to its shoppers Walmart gated off the garbage bins. Interviewers asked the manager of their local Walmart for more information …show more content…

The law states that supermarkets control their own food waste policies. Our minister of agriculture stated that a food waste policy was underway, one that would please and benefit everyone. There were no details to what it would consist of, the reason for this was because he said that it would be public a year from now. But there has still not been any movement towards a waste free society. The minister also avoided multiple questions, talking about irrelevant content and avoiding important information such as what is the plan for the future. When Canadians were asked about what they thought about food waste, they said that producing food waste should be illegal. In Brampton a whole football stadium sized room is filled with food waste every week. Canadians were surprised when they were showed how much food waste we create.

Why is Canada standing still, while the rest of the world is taking steps to eliminate food waste? Raw greenfield lives in US and is strongly against food waste. He stated that commercial business throw tons of food waste out daily. This food could go to the millions of people who do not have food.It’s wasteful he said.

Bins behind a Walmart store filled with consumable food

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